5 Ways to Be a Highly Effective Educator

  1. Teachers are committed. Despite negative chatter, the majority of educators have gone above and beyond to keep learning momentum going throughout the pandemic. And, we’re seeing teachers discover creative ways to connect with students, and remain present in their lives virtually.
  2. Administrators are stressed, but positive. This past year has been chaos, but administrators are doing a dynamite job in an environment where there are little answers and clear direction. Although this year was quite the learning curve, they are now in a position to make more efficient decisions, backed by the resilience they’ve built.
  3. Parents get to witness their child’s learning experience. With hybrid and remote learning options, parents now have the opportunity to see their child learn in real time. For those who choose to listen in, this access is a powerful tool to reinforce positive behaviors at home.
  4. Special needs programs are expanding. In recent years, I’ve seen a rising demand for special needs teachers. There are more programs accessible for students across the learning spectrum too. At Alignstaffing, we’ve absolutely seen more active requests for special needs teachers and support staff.
  5. Technology is becoming more integrated in the classroom. Of course, technology has its pitfalls, but when used correctly, it can be a powerful tool to advance learning outside of the classroom, and connect with students of all backgrounds and learning abilities.
  1. Provide proven tools or training with new educational national requirements.



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Aaron Copeland

Aaron Copeland


Entrepreneur and forward-thinking community advocate with 20+ years of experience in education and mental health services.